Parents being the first teachers have the potential to play immensely proactive role. Parents contribute a vital role for youngsters by instilling confidence and self-esteem for a healthy and successful play experience. Parents should encourage the children to ensure less access to digital world and more access to play and fitness.

"Lack of play is a bad news for our future generation."

Worldwide research has shown that children need to spend at least 60 minutes for a day engaging in some of physical activity. Unfortunately, children of these days don't engage in physical activity.

Common challenges

Personal level
  • Avoidance towards sports/physical activity.

  • Self-belief in the ability to be physically active

Social level
  • Influence of friends.

  • Lack of parental support.

Environmental level
  • Lack of safe location to play

  • Lack of access to equipment

  • Financial cost of engaging in physical activity

Remedial Management

Lead an active lifestyle and continue being active on a daily basis. Replace inactivity with activity whenever possible.
E.g Encourage your child to walk or cycle to school instead of riding in a vehicle, Activity based birthday parties & other group functions.

Work towards becoming active by exposing them to more age- appropriate play activities.

Make family time an occasion for physical activity.
Eg. Take a walk together daily. Do household together. Make use of low cost or no cost resources – public parks, community courts and recreation areas.

Encourage your child to talk about his/ her experience with physical activities and sports and be supportive with their decision of any physical activities they choose.

Limit screen time by ensuring only 2 hours of media time (television, computer, movies, video games) and increase play time.

Giving your child plenty of opportunities to play is one of the best ways to help them grow into curious, creative, healthy, and happy adults equipped with the skills they need today. Next time your child asks to play with you, jump at the opportunity! Share the joy of discovery as you connect with each other and the world around you.
You dear parents are like the complimentary wheels of progress in promoting play in your children's life.