On Saturday 6th October, 2018 (20th Ashoj, 2075), 36 teams took part in Play Nepal Girls Futsal Tournament held at Dhuku Futsal, Maharajgunj. Each team of 5 members/players with the knockout format of 5 minutes each half started playing from 8 A.M. onwards with greatenthusiasm.

It was an excellent day and the players represented themselves. With 36 teams, it was a great opportunity for players to lead themselves and all the players showed a great level of independence. They all played with a positive attitude and work ethic.

C.K.W.S of Kapan and Sindupalchowk FC reached the final and both the teams played well.Sindhulpalchowk was unlucky in the final where C.K.W.S became the winner who had put in thestrong performances.

Many thanks to Islington College for their active volunteer service for Play Nepal. We really appreciate their co-operation and support as always.

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