Our school program, as the name suggests is geared with a high focus on school students. These programs will be conducted in school premise and during school hours, as per the direction of school administration.

Play Nepal has two specific school programs.

  • Play Kid-Fit

This program is designed especially for children of age group 3-8. This is the prime age for setting a base for both cognitive improvement and improvement of gross motor skills of kids in general. As such, our play school program is highly focused on child's physical and mental development through extracurricular and co-curricular activities for children. Under this revolutionary service of Play Nepal, we have designed more than 250 activities using props and music which will attribute to overall physical, cognitive and emotional development of a small child. It helps students to learn simple calculation, spelling, vocabulary, physical movement, muscle strengthening etc. 

  • Play Sports

This program is more physical development oriented and is designed for children of age group 8-14. Under Play Nepal's sports program, we will start from basics of movement like running, jumping and throwing to develop a child's reflex from very early age. We aim to educate and inspire children on the importance of physical development for a successful adult life. This program will be gearing children towards mutli –sports as a part of their curriculum as well as extra –curricular activities.

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