Our team is working from home and are available during the coronavirus outbreak. Our trainers are continuously working for kids to stay active while staying inside their house.

Your child can also stay active through our online classes. Please call us on 9779851149433 or request a call back for expert advice.


Nepal’s rise in international sports in the field of cricket, football, swimming and others has led to a peak in interest in the field of sports like never before. We now have star athletes who’ve popularized various sports among young people.

Although sports activities are fun and entertaining, physical activity is also crucial to growth and development among children. Physical activities promote good health and fitness and also require children to engage in sequential thinking, analytical thinking while improving concentration and mental health. A good physical activity curriculum can transform the lives of your students!

Play Nepal provides facilities and experiences that are noticeably absent in our country.

Play Kid-Fit:

It is very important to introduce physical activities to children from a very young age because children who never connect with sport, or never develop a physical habit, grow up experiencing a long term disconnection with physical activity.

To combat the issue, Play Nepal has a special curriculum designed for children of Grades 1-4. The curriculum involves 250 activities that combine physical activities with learning. This curriculum not only enhances physical strength but also increases mental capacity. Our trainers use props, music and any necessary tools to combine activity with learning. Play Kid-Fit is designed to enhance physical strength and develop cognitive skills by combining physical movements with learning mathematics, spellings and more!

Play Sports:

This program is oriented towards physical development and is designed for children between the grades 5-9. Play Sports covers basic movements like running, jumping and activities that involve both mental and physical strength. Physically acting out theoretical concepts like mathematics ensures that students are understanding core concepts from the classrooms while having fun. This curriculum combines challenges with fun.


Sometimes, the school’s schedule and timing can be limiting. Academic classes, and extracurricular activities like music, dance, art etc. doesn’t leave enough time for students to really delve into their passion. For that reason, Play Nepal provides two premium options for children of various ages:

Play Nepal will establish a sports club in your school for children aged 8-14. The sports club can be a combination of recreational, instructional and competitive. Details pertaining to the interests and needs of the school can be discussed with our team.

Maidaan is an individualized service for children between the ages of 4-16. Details regarding age, sports activity and venue will be worked out with the Play Nepal team and interested individuals or schools.

  • Experimental learning: Play nepal combines learning and play. We teach mathematics, and vocabulary, to students between grades 1-4, through physical activities. Experimental learning is innovative and progressive.
  • Innovative Curriculum: Balancing sports theory and practice in a limited time frame can be difficult. Play Nepal is a great way to dedicate additional time to physical activity. We do not replace your ‘games period,’ but act as a supplement that combines learning with play.
  • Specialized Trainers: Our trainers are not only familiar with sport activities, they’re also incredible at motivating students, and making sure that no students are left behind.
  • Equipment and facilities: We bring our own equipment that are always new and exciting for your children to engage with.
  • Our schools and students love us We receive numbers of love letters from our students and schools.
Need More Reasons ?
  • Play Nepal as an asset: Impress future parents of the school and retain students by partnering with us and delivering on a great extracurricular experience for your students.
  • Report Card of Each students: We take the regular exam of each student and monitor their progress and provide the report card.
  • FREE Demonstration Class: We also provide free demo sessions upon the request of schools.
  • Saving time: By working with us ahead of time, you can save on a lot of resources and time while we do the work for you!