Our team is working from home and are available during the coronavirus outbreak. Our trainers are continuously working for kids to stay active while staying inside their house.

Your child can also stay active through our online classes. Please call us on 9779851149433 or request a call back for expert advice.


Play Nepal is a fast growing organization that empartsphysical education in a fun and practical way.

If you’re passionate about sports but are struggling to make a career if it- Play Nepal is here to the rescue! Play Nepal is a great place to work where you can put your physical education to empower young children!

On hiring, we will provide orientations on the principles of coaching, working with children and improving your interpersonal skills.

We have a team of coaches with experience at a national and international level who love what they enjoy handsome salaries! Join us now!

Why join us?

1. “Awesome place to learn and grow”

  • The amount of training given must be worth multiple lakhs!! We gave you the opportunity and lots of support to grow and take on responsibilities to improve your skills to the best of your ability.
  • You must be constantly self-motivated to grow which may be a drag for some people.

2. “A Career - Not a Job!”

  • Great opportunities available for enthusiastic employees who want to grow professionally and expand their skill set. You’ll not only feel like part of the business, but you’re helping children to lead healthy and physically active lives. Forward thinking company that empowers their staff to achieve results.
  • If you dont like kids,you won’t fit in around here.

3. “A Place to Learn and Earn”

  • A lot of opportunities to grow in your own and other departments.
  • Trainings to sharpen your knowledge and boost performance
  • Not a place for one who cannot take initiatives and lacks a “I can do it” attitude.

4. “Learn and earn in a supportive environment”

  • Work hard and get rewarded
  • Young professionals working hard and playing hard
  • You need to be self-driven to succeed which may be a con for some people

5. “Great Work Culture!”

  • Young yet professional workforce
  • Friendly work environment
  • Excellent training program
  • Ample opportunities for growth
  • Great communication within staff and managers
  • Trusting and unbiased managers
  • Management’s use of pull motivation
  • Its pros can be cons if mis-utilized by staff or if trust is broken.